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declare that It could not be Improved on by the
best modern mining engineers. Working alone
In this remarkable mine. Wolf Head mined twelve
dollars' worth of coal every day until he got tired
of it.

After much persuasion on the part of the
missionaries. Wolf Head a few years ago gave up
his practices as the tribal medicine-man and
accepted the religion of the white man. Since
that date, he says, he has lost every one of his
powers as a medicine-man.

cBoy Thunder never came to me again after
that/ he told me* 'I was a rich man when I
changed my religion; I had many horses. Now
I have nothing. I am poor, and I have no medi-
cine powers left-—they all flew from me that day
when I gave up my old religion/

Though Wolf Head Is as he says he is, the tribe
nevertheless still looks up to him as Its greatest
man. Knowing his past as It does, it will never
cease to do that.

Wolf Head is still the possessor of a medicine
teepee which would bring him a fortune In horses
if he would sell it. But he will never part with
that teepee. It was given to hims together with
one other medicine teepee, by Boy Thunder, who
gave him his life's medicine3 the Thunder Bird—
Eagle—and told him how to paint it on these two
teepees. One of the teepees is blue and the other